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spiritual diary 2o1o.o1.27


been meditating every day for 40 minutes for basically the last 50 days. it’s been pretty great. some ups and downs. haven’t written but many subtle shifts have been happening, and i see it resulting in changes in the rest of my life. what i see when i look in the mirror. what it feels like to take a walk.

tonight i did an evening short meditation, and couldn’t stop from laughing when this thought reached me: you cannot meditate so that something will happen! you have to meditate -just to enjoy the meditation-. by definition if you are training your mind to put all of its awareness on the present moment, you can’t contextualize the entire act by thinking about a future moment! all true progress happens only through relinquishing the need for it to happen.

i see that cropping up in many contexts as well. a great line from nisargadatta maharaj:

“When I realize I am nothing, that is wisdom. When I realize I am everything, that is love. Between the two, my life flows.”