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Links at the moment. 2010.12.15 10:44pm


If you’re anything like me you end up with all these unread tabs all the time, and they represent a really interesting cross-section of your life at the moment. Here’s mine right now:

Wikipedia – Thomas Hardy Novels

Wikipedia – A Wrinkle in Time

Wyclef Jean – Gone Till November

Simple Science

Shaheen Sadeghi – The Great Cultural Shift (TED Talk)

Seymour Pappert closing keynote 1994

Inside Teaching

Wikipedia – Language of Thought

“How creativity is blocked by the need for approval”

Fecal Bacteriotherapy — mind blowing!

Brain and Cognitive Science classes list at MIT

Arts for Learning

Netflix – A Touch of Greatness (documentary about teacher Albert Cullum)

Radiolab – Words that Change the World — highly recommended listen.

Robert Sapolsky on The UniqueNess of Humans — totally unbelievable.

Maybe it’s boring? I dunno, I’d be curious to see how other people’s cluster… it would be cool to have a thing in the world that looks for other people who have similar contextual clusters and hooks you up with them, that seems pretty easy to do.. I’d love to randomly meet more people working on cognitive science, perception, consciousness, etc, all the time.

I have been thinking about generally just posting more as my thoughts and experience developed. I’ve been keeping a private journal but I see no reason to keep things to myself; if interested, people will read/write/etc.. if not it’s all good. If I don’t put it out there I can’t get feedback.

Best- Jeff