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My second (and last?) patent: #7,878,133 B2


After almost three years, my second patent has finally gone through, for a “System and Method for Device Suspension and Wireless Power Transmission.” You can see some picture details below.

The funny thing to me, is that during the interim of all of this, I have lost most of my belief in the goodness of the patent system. My only justification at this point is that, if I patent something myself, then some large corporation can’t horde information from other people by patenting it themselves.

As my friend Dan would say, “Information is free!” Can we keep it that way?

Moore Pattern has reached its goal!


Hey everyone – A really brief note. I’m halfway through my KickStarter campaign, trying to sell an open-source kinetic sculpture for the first time, and it just yesterday crossed its goal of raising $15,000 to make over 100 of these… very exciting!

I’m including the link below in case anyone else is interested. Obviously if I’m going to be making them anyway, I want to reach as many people as possible with it. I’m selling them at $150 each, a steal — barely covering my expenses and time. They will be hand-assembled by myself and shipped to you, shortly after the campaign is over. I’m more interested in people being able to enjoy these pieces than I am in making a ton of money here.

All the details are through the link below. Thanks for reading, and please share with anyone you think might be interested…