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2011.01.07 why i tell people i believe in god.


Lately, for the fun of it, I tell people that I believe in god. Everyone has their own drastically varying image of that word, and I can’t say i actually ‘believe in god’ in the way most people would typically immediately interpret it, some guy-with-a-beard who is ultimately controlling things. But when it comes down to it, I think I now understand ‘god’ and ‘spirituality’ from a perspective that fits completely within the world of science, if we would open our eyes just for a second. I see now how it actually simplifies many of the current theories we have, enabling a new paradigm of science, one that most people are currently unaware of. I’m pretty sure there is a revolution about to happen in the scientific world and i want to talk about it. Right Now.

Usually, I’m too scared to talk about this at all. but i’ve decided as a new year’s resolution, that right now this is the stuff I’m riffing on the most scientifically, the stuff that is the most important thing to me right now, and I should be open about it, even if it ends up wrong. We’re searching for truth, right? I’m afraid to talk about it because it’s a new taboo — in the scientific, materialist, atheist regime that has largely given me my identity, I am now the taboo of a ‘scientist who believes in some version of god.’ A new form of publicly ridiculed minority, in some sense.

I’ve been an atheist since 1987, when I was nine years old (more on that later). But this year I’m changing my mind. This year I’m telling people I believe in god. For no other reason than to try to start the conversation. Because I think people should hear why. Because now I think it’s the most important thing, just like ‘all the other people who believe in god,’ and I believe it but think it makes perfect scientific sense, and I’ve been embarrased about it and not discussing it! This is ridiculous and it’s time it changed. The best a scientist can be is critically open, not critically closed.

We act as if the rational mind we evolved over the last 7-or-so-million-years is the end of the story, and only technology is going to continue to change things. But I think our civilization is on the cusp of a serious and total shift in human consciousness. One that is quite well-explained from evolutionary theory, one you might even predict; and when it’s misinterpreted by the minds upon which it acts, the recipients become dogmatic: they get stuck with a mental/rational interpretation of something [which must be told through metaphor and myth], forgetting that all the stories were only there as pointers to an internal shift. We are storytellers, after all; and sometimes we forget that the stories are the beginning and not the end. It is important to be open to the possibility that even if 99.9% of religious people are stuck in dogma, the other 0.1% may be experiencing something fundamentally different, and fundamentally real.

Something from which we can learn. As soon as science wakes up to the fact that this could explain all religious stories and experiences. Underneath all of them, are hidden techniques to engage actively with this qualitative shift in consciousness. It actually simplifies the story greatly.

Sound, color, taste, cannot be described fully in words. These other dimensions of our experience are internal, and incommunicable through rationality — direct experience is necessary. The word ‘God’ is a metaphorical pointer to an unthinkable, unspeakable stage of consciousness. A stage that has actually stepped outside of rational thought to a new way for our neurons to function. A stage that may be best described as a direct experiential knowledge of the unity of all things. This enables new freedoms that help us evolve beyond our current evolutionary limitations. A new layer of consciousness, that contextualizes rational thought. A new layer of consciousness that controls the system of the rational mind, the ‘ego’, the ‘self’. A new dimension of consciousness, one in which you literally see things differently. And one that is being (almost) completely ignored by the current scientific machine.

I will get into the details over time. But I want people to discuss this with me. I want you to tell me how (with an open mind to this as a current hypothesis) I’m wrong. I want to debate this. But there are fundamentalists on both sides. Anything new is bound to seem weird at first. I hope that we have an opportunity to push forward on a theory together. Science has never been a complete theory, and a century from now something we take for granted right now will be shown to be wrong. We are always evolving.

I’ve been looking around, and no one is having this conversation openly and publicly! This should be a huge issue right now. This is possibly the most  important unspoken thing going on in science right now and still barely anyone knows about it. If you’d like to be part of the conversation, please keep checking back here. I would really appreciate it. I’d like science to embrace open-source — this is not about me, it is about the ideas.

Anyway. At this point I have a theory for the existence of a new layer of consciousness, that once looked at from a mathematical, molecular, and evolutionary perspective, lines up completely with all the evidence we see today, in a way that simplifies the whole issue that people call “god” with so many different names and tales, into one single storyline. Simplification and beauty is typically a good sign for a scientific theory. But it may also be over-reductive, and I’d like to know if i’m falling into that trap.

If this whole idea of ‘god’ fits into a larger consistent scientific theory than we currently have, it represents a serious revolution with potential benefits to all of mankind. I fully believe it does at this point, so I want to discuss it with as many people as possible and help develop the theory further. Especially if you don’t currently agree with me, but are interested in the conversation. Whether you are an atheist scientist, a born-again christian, or someone who hasn’t decided — I think underneath our differences we have the potential to agree.

Whether or not you see me walking around with a ‘teen heart throb’ wig on, I want to talk to you about this if you see me in person. Xercyn was born at the now of midnight on 1.1.11. Please spread the word if interested.

xercyn at the beach, 2011.1.1 (yes it's a wig)

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