absolut quartet
a musical experience by Jeff Lieberman and Dan Paluska, february 2oo8



Absolut Quartet, a commission for the Absolut Visionaries project, is a music making machine like no other. The audience becomes part of the performance, while watching something that appears impossible.

Log in to for a chance to interact with the machine. You will enter a 4-8 second theme, and the machine will generate, in real-time, a unique musical piece based on the input melody you have provided.

You will see this melody played by three instruments. The main instrument is a ballistic marimba, which launches rubber balls roughly 2m into the air, precisely aimed to bounce off of 42 chromatic wooden keys. The second instrument is an array of 35 custom-tuned wine glasses, played by robotic fingers. Finally, an array of 9 ethnic percussion instruments rounds out the ensemble.

For press images or a high resolution movie, please email.

Originally inspired when Dan and I saw the video 'Pipe Dream,' from AniMusic, and we felt the need to make it real.


Musical SoftwareRoberto Aimi
Illumination and CommunicationSean Stevens
Algorithmic CompositionJay Flower
Bradley Kemp
Wine Materials ScienceOrian Welling
Engineering InternCha-Ling O'Connell
Lead Factory WorkersRony Kubat
Jamie Rollins
Bill Washabaugh
Custom Glass TuningBrien Engel
Graphic DesignNeri Oxman
Custom MicrophonesK+K Sound Systems
Custom Marimba ElementsMarimba One


Ars Electronica, Jan - Dec 2oo9



Award of Distinction, Ars Electronica 2oo8, Interactive Art Category. Linz, Austria

Gold Prize, 55th International Cannes Lions Advertising Festival

Silver Pencil, One Show Interactive for best New Media Innovation and Development

Silver Egg - Best Internet Campaign, Guldagget 2oo8

Most Creative Advertising Campaign, Creativity Magazine, March 2oo8

Website of the Month, Resume, March 2oo8

Website of the Month, PIG MAG #60


"very impressive... [a] visual spectacle."
Science Magazine

"just who are those insane geniuses behind the absolut machines project?" [interview]
design federation

"needs to be experienced"

"unlike anything you have ever seen before"
life in the fast lane

"If you're in NYC this is a must-see"

"Prepare to be amazed. Thank the good lord for embedded video because any words used to convey our awe in Dan Paluska's and Jeff Lieberman's ping pong ball hurling, robotic Absolut Quartet orchestral machine would fall limp upon your liquid crystal cells, rods and cones. Should have sent... a poet."

"One of the most creative feats of engineering we've seen in a long time. And, letting anyone interact with the machine online is absolute genius."
sparking tech

"'s really the best thing I've seen in a while."

"we can't help but be dazzled by the majestic union of technology and music"

"#1 creative experience of the week..."
creativity online

"Absolut-ly fascinating", "Absolut Quartet's three-minute songs are not only surprisingly soulful but also visually stunning."

"Be prepared to be amazed.. the weirdest and wackiest musical innovations you have ever seen or heard."
The Sydney Morning Herald