Almost every photo/video i've ever taken. No edits have been made.
If you are in a photo and would like it removed, please let me know and I will. Enjoy.

2oo5.12 Selected Photos
o5.12.31 .. With Bro, Jeff Hall, Javi, Bri, and others in Key Largo for New Years
o5.12.31 .. Hangin with Brian, Sarah, Nya and Others in Miami
o5.12.3o .. Museum . Test Flash Shots with the 580ex . Alison . Jules/Shani
o5.12.23 .. Megawatt [and Argyle]
o5.12.14 .. Suelin and Liz playin Stravinsky
o5.12.11 .. Heather Retro Eric-wideangle
o5.12.o9 .. Bexley B-ball
o5.12.o7 .. Collin and Arshan in Concert
o5.12.o6 .. MIT Dance Troupe Fall Concert Rehearsal Shots
o5.12.o3 .. The Indefinite Article Raws

2oo5.11 Selected Photos
Thanksgiving in Austin
o5.11.24 .. Thanksgivin with mini rhett, big rhett, and danielle
o5.11.25 .. Hangin with the Applestones
o5.11.25 .. Last with the Applestones
o5.11.19 .. Bexley Crossdressing 2oo5
o5.11.13 .. Free Speeech Zone concert . Tangible project shots
o5.11.11 .. Dinners and Digables [digable planets @ middle east]
o5.11.o3 .. MIT Sailing Team
o5.11.o1 .o1. Me and eric @ halloween - photo by Zev Fisher

2oo5.1o Selected Photos
o5.1o.31 .. Costumes of Anjuli, Cha, and Pablo
o5.1o.23 .. Apple picking trip
o5.1o.22 .. Ivo Papasov and Yuri Yunakov concert with jess
o5.1o.13 .. Bexley Dodgeball!
o5.1o.o8 .. Dinner, Elephants, and Party
o5.1o.o2 .. Lightbulb shots, etc.
o5.1o.o2 .. Collision 8 Documented Pieces

2oo5.o9 Selected Photos
o5.o9.22 .. More mohawk, shorter this time
o5.o9.19 .. Don't go messin with fiberglass resin or you'll end up like this..
o5.o9.18 .. Lightbulb opening at Art Interactive, Collision 'El Ocho'
o5.o9.15 .. Lightbulb Work
o5.o9.11 .. Cha hawked
o5.o9.1o .. Cha gettin shaved
o5.o9.o9 .. The Product Amphitheatre Concert
o5.o9.o9 .. Arshan the mexican loses it on his birthday . Eric Dan and Cha
o5.o9.o4 .. Aram is too pretty for math.
o5.o9.o3 .. Aram's goin away party in bex 1o1

2oo5.o8 Selected Photos
o5.o8.28 .. Jay Half/Half
o5.o8.23 .. Stan Winston Studio [these are the originals from the movies...]
o5.o8.18 .. Wisdom teeth stuff . Art Interactive stuff
o5.o8.14 .. Louis Blowin Glass
o5.o8.14 .. New England Aquarium
o5.o8.12 .. Mr. Jordan Moore
Vero Beach
o5.o8.11 .. Flight home . Human Remains
o5.o8.1o .. Jungle Trail w Chad
o5.o8.1o .. Environmental Learning Center Trails
o5.o8.o6 .. Brian Visitin Vero III
o5.o8.o6 .. Brian Visitin Vero II
o5.o8.o6 .. Brian Visitin Vero I

2oo5.o7 o5.o7.29 .. Carrie before headin to SF and beth/mike/eric

2oo5.o6 Bali Trip . Selected Bali Photos . Selected Gamelan Photos . Trip Experiences
o1 .8o. New York City and Airport
o2 .1oo. Traveling . Ready for first rehearsal
o3 .11o. First Rehearsal in Ubud
o4 .32. Walking in Ubud
o5 .12o. Kebyar Competition [at Denpasar Bali Arts Festival]
o6 .16o. Rehearsal . Blake . Kids [ayu] . Dinner
o7 .88. Monkey Forest I
o8 .114. Walking . Market . Dinner
o9 .14o. Rehearsal w/ Ava and Ayu and the Girl Dancers
1o .1oo. Market . Blessed by priest
11 .25o. First concert in Pengosekan w Dancers
12 .11o. At Kuta
13 .144. Dragons and Old guy at Kuta
14 .126. Girls dancing at Kuta
15 .64. Rest of Kuta concert
16 .149. Gunung Kawi temple and Rice Paddies
17 .92. Tirta empul springs
18 .7o. Bali arts festival kids shots [denpasar]
19 .127. Dewi's shots [mostly] of the Denpasar concert
2o .196. Monkey Forest II
21 .164. Girls at monkey forest
22 .2o4. Dark kecak [balinese monkey chant] at JinJinGan
23 .1o9. Sunrise with Laurel on the Paddies
24 .21o. Beach and Gig in Negara
25 .127. Gunung Batur ascent @ sunrise
26 .156. Morning on Gunung Batur with monkeys and mountains
27 .36. Park on the way to Singaraja
28 .1o9. Singaraja Concert
29 .73. Post-Singaraja concert
3o .38. Ida Bagus Woodshop

o5.o6.16 .54. Bethie
o5.o6.13 .86. More willy shots
o5.o6.13 .86. Leila at the Arboretum
o5.o6.1o .83. Gay Pride Festival and Tom/Lisa [new 24-7o and 7o-2oo lenses]
o5.o6.o9 .65. Will Raw Shots
o5.o6.o6 .62. Jess and the Product
o5.o6.o5 .64. Aram Raw Shots

2oo5.o5 521 (49143)
o5.o5.23 .71. Hangin with Heather
o5.o5.16 .37. Levitation Shots
o5.o5.o6 .35. Dan Shots for momma's day
o5.o5.o4 .36o. Dance Troupe Spring Concert shots
o5.o5.o2 .18. Hangin Out, w Eric, Beth, Tom, Jess, Danny, Catherine and Carrie

2oo5.o4 968 (48622) o5.o4.3o .57. Steer Roast - incl, Tom, Bernie, and Heather and Beth mudwrestlin'
o5.o4.25 .2o8. Boston Windows Project opening with Mayor Menino . Party at Felt.
o5.o4.23 .18o. Beast Roast 2oo5.
o5.o4.22 .134. Beth and the other Tahitian Dancers . Mariachi Band
o5.o4.22 .45. Art opening of Applause in Stata . Aram's Birthday
o5.o4.21 .121. New Slink Motor Shots, etc
o5.o4.2o .65. Marathon [missed aram!]
o5.o4.18 .6o. Night in Bar and Boston Common
o5.o4.11 .o9. Facilities taking down Jakes remake: 'I Jerk Off'
o5.o4.1o .29. Gunther's VibraViber Shots
o5.o4.1o .6o. Shots from Applause before Takedown, @ art interactive
o5.o4.1o .4o. Random . Karen and Will and Peter
o5.o4.o2 .79. Tahitian Dancing with Jess and Carrie and a buncha others like their teacher beth, teaching crazy asian guy.
o5.o4.o1 .76. 'Applause'. opening at Art Interactive CollisionSeven - made by Jeff Lieberman, Hayes Raffle, Josh Lifton, and David Merrill

2oo5.o3 194 (47654)
o5.o3.24 .65. Chimp simple upstairs @ the middle east
o5.o3.23 .23. Me again
o5.o3.2o .14. Dave's sister amy's raw portfolio shots
o5.o3.19 .18. I'm 27 now. woo.
o5.o3.12 .55. Gloob(ic) first gig at thirsty ear pub
o5.o3.o1 .19. Randoms

2oo5.o2 135 (4746o)
o5.o2.17 .18. New eric weird shots
o5.o2.14 .15. Random Shots
o5.o2.o5 .43. Sosolimited gig and afterparty
o5.o2.o4 .59. Zap gig at the museum of science

2oo5.o1 147 (47325)
o5.o1.25 .5o. Crazy party, etc
o5.o1.13 .25. Will portraits
o5.o1.11 .38. Dan portraits
o5.o1.1o .13. Anj portraits
o5.o1.o9 .21. Some portraits

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