voice coil actuator array



An array of 12 densely-packed rotary voice coil actuators. Originally designed for a precision machine design class to weave custom fibers of human tissue to form heart valve replacements, this has become more of an art piece, able to move in very rapid sequences. The current model fits 4 actuators per inch linearly, with a redesign capable of twice this density.

Hard stops on either side limit the available travel, but with the weight of the coils above the bearing, when the voice coil is driven in either direction and then power is removed, the coil will stably remain in its end position, against the stop. This was useful for its intended purpose in the loom. Thus, even with reasonable noise and disturbance forces present, the system will remain immune to error. Pulses are driven through the dual half bridge system at roughly 300mA per coil. The prototype sent pulses for a duration of roughly 25ms, which was enough of an impulse to change the voice coil´┐Żsconfiguration and allow it to settle.