cracked out love
light meets dark, hard meets love, november 2oo6



Cracked out love is a dual wood inlay piece, completed by myself and Eric Gunther, for Chris and Jen's wedding (in August 2oo6). Cracked out love is named after Chris RAKowski, the groom, and the word love, which forms the basis of the piece.

A concept important to me in designing a wedding gift is the concept of two 'opposites' combining in a fresh way, creating something that neither individual component could create on its own. Just like marriage.

In this piece, Bubinga wood and a soft light maple are combined in two reversed wood inlays. Both inlay the word love, one in Jen's native Chinese, and one in Chris's native Polish.

As shown in the pictures, an inlay is made by cutting a positive and a negative of the same pattern, press-fitting the positive into the negative fixed with wood glue. Usually the positive is undersized by about 0.2mm so that it can be pressed. When the press fit dries, the wood glue expands the two woods, pushing them flush against each other, creating a near-seamless boundary. The excess material holding the positive lettering is then cut off. All the faces are finally sanded down and waxed for a proper wood finish.

Many thanks to Bob Holloway for his guidance.


high resolution images for press