end love (with ok go)
a time-based music video with Ok Go, june 2o1o


Ok Go dances with time.

Based on our earlier work with Here the Nothing, Eric and I expanded on our time-stretching techniques, this time stretching and squashing at a multiple of rates, all aligned to the band dancing and lip syncing for one continuous romp through Echo Park, Los Angeles.

The fastest we go is 172,800x, compressing 24 hours of real time into a blazing 1/2 second. The slowest is 1/32x speed, stretching a mere 1/2 second of real time into a whopping 16 seconds. This gives us a fastest to slowest ratio of 5.5 million. If you like averages, the average speed up factor of the band dancing is 270x. In total we shot 18 hours of the band dancing and 192 hours of LA skyline timelapse - over a million frames of video - and compressed it all down to 4 minutes and 30 seconds! Oh, and notice that it's one continuous camera shot.

We also made a special friend in the process. Her name is Orange Bill and she's a goose. You will agree that she clearly has a future in music videos.


DirectorEric Gunther, Jeff Lieberman,
and Ok Go
Music + DancingOk Go
ProducerShirley Moyers
ChoreographyEric Gunther, Jeff Lieberman,
and Ok Go
Director of PhotographyYon Thomas and Jeff Lieberman
EditingEric Gunther and Jeff Lieberman
CameraKevin Yoshimitsu and Jeff Lieberman
Media ManagementNathan Truesdell


Nominated for 'Best International Video' at the UK Video Music Awards.

Shown at the 'Motion Graphics Festival 2010'.