a kinetic acrylic table 2oo3



This kinetic table was built as a wedding gift for Brian and Sarah Jacobson's wedding in February of 2oo3. One drive motor located underneath one corner drives four followers, all translating a main plate in a circular motion, without rotation. 26 concentric rings are cut with minimal spacing between them. The translation is such that at first only the outer plate moves, until it contacts the next inner one - soon thereafter that contacts the next inner, and so forth until the innermost ring is barely moved, at which time the translation has shifted direction to the next quadrant.

The word 'kerf' denotes the cutting width of any tool - in this case, the laser cutter used to cut concentric rings has a default cutting width of about 0.01" - the looseness of the resulting cut parts in the tool was the inspiration (mutation) for this little experiment.



high resolution images for press