moore pattern
constructive interference, february 2oo7



Moore pattern was designed as a wedding gift for Jordan Moore and Emilie Croisier.

A moiré pattern is an interference pattern created from overlaid patterns on top of one another. Moore pattern accomplishes a similar effect, using two counter-rotating bead-blasted aluminum disks, driven from a single motor below with a belt drive mechanism. The effect is not viewable without animating.

A concept that is important to me, when designing a wedding gift, is the concept of two 'opposites' combining in a fresh way, creating something that neither individual component could create on its own. This is, after all, the idea of marriage. Moore pattern is an exploration into that idea, using two completely anti-symmetric disks turning purely rotationally, to create a purely radial patterned effect.

To see a step by step set of photos for the installation, please click here. This work was inspired by the beautiful woodwork of David Roy.

For press images or high resolution video, please email me.