Installation guide for Moore Pattern . 2oo7.o2.14
© 2oo6 Jeff Lieberman

Below are step-by-step instructions for fully installing this piece. All you should need is a philips head screwdriver and a pen, everything else is included. I hope you enjoy it. -jeff

  • Find a suitable place to mount the sculpture. The main 'action' of the piece takes place with the two disks mounted at this point. The best conditions are a diffusely lit area [no harsh directional light], at roughly eye level, where viewers will be able to see it straight on from a reasonably far distance [at least 5']. White walls are ideal for best contrast even in low light situations.
  • _MG_7745
  • Mount 2"x2" square piece at roughly eye level on an open wall space. Make sure there is at least 1.5' available below the piece for a secondary wall mount piece. #4 philips head screws are included for mounting of both pieces.
  • _MG_7751
  • Mount the two disks on the 3" long, 1/4" diameter shaft. They should face in opposite directions, and should sit as closely as possible together so that when spinning, the fins do not make any contact with one another. Leave about 1/2" free on one end of the shaft.
  • _MG_7753
  • You should be able to now slide the shaft into the hole on the wall-mounted plate, as shown.
  • _MG_7760
  • Hang the clear rubber cord from the pulley on the shaft. It may be easiest to mount the cord on the pulley and then plug the shaft into the piece on the wall.
  • _MG_7762
  • Slide the cord underneath the drive shaft as shown.
  • _MG_7764
  • Bring the other end of the cord up and onto the front pulley on top. Pull the bottom piece low until there is a slight tension, and then pull the cord onto the two pulleys of the bottom piece, as shown.

    Then pull the bottom piece down until there is a reasonable amount of tension on the cord, it cannot be loose. It is very important that at this point, you check to make sure that the cord is on all of the pulleys. Pull until the lines are all tense. You should not feel any slack at this point. When this is in place, mark the positions of the four mounting holes with a pen or pencil [not included]. Double check when held in place that the cord is only on the pulleys, and not on the shaft itself.

  • _MG_7765
  • Remove the cord, and mount the bottom section on the wall using the remaining #4 screws at the marked locations.
  • _MG_7766
  • This picture shows how the two mounted pieces should look on the wall, without the discs and upper shaft.
  • _MG_7770
  • Remount everything including rubber cord - easiest to mount the cord on all the top pulleys first and just on the shaft of the bottom, then placing the top shaft into the mount, and finally wrapping the cord onto the bottom pulleys. The only important thing is to make sure the cord lays on all four pulleys.

    This shows the full mounted assembly.

    Plug it in, and enjoy!

  • Assorted other pictures:

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