SKETCH is a machine made to make art with other simpler tools. It is a 2-axis stage with a third axis solenoid control, for simple on/off movement in drawing. It can therefore draw pictures but not do specific depth work like a 3-d milling machine.

Any SVG file is parsed by the sketch software, so tools like illustrator or even mathematica can be used to generate files for drawing. After initially writing normal plotter routines [line-drawings], I wrote some CMYK translators, to allow sketch to draw pointillism pictures [such as those shown] with four individual passes. At its limits, it will paint about 300,000 points in about 30 hours of painting.

One other style that I have lightly experimented with is not yet shown here. By taking a sharpie marker to every pixel placement of a photo, and leaving it on the paper for a time proportional to the square of the darkness value, the pen 'leaks' into the paper differing amounts, creating different sized circular 'pixels'. This allows a very subtle form of greyscaling that is similar to the color process in many magazine prints, if looked at closely. Most recently I have tested cutting into metals, by replacing the markers with a dremel tool.

For more images made by SKETCH, please click here.

Inspired by the work of Bruce Shapiro.