What’s your excuse for not loving yourself unconditionally, right now?

From individual coaching, to working with students or executives, what I’m most interested in is exploring and seeing through the many stories that we tell ourselves that keep us from our deepest authenticity and freedom. This often involves confronting emotions that we’ve spent our entire lives avoiding, but by facing these we find a level of clarity, authenticity, and joy that was invisible to us before — that we had spent our energy looking for on the outside. 

I’m interested in your finding your authentic, joyous freedom on the inside — impervious to the conditions the world may offer, through radical and pervasive self-inquiry and self-love. So you can move through life, looking forward to wherever it might bring you.

I love to speak to and facilitate groups regarding:

  • Human Perception and its Limits

  • Science and Art and their connections

  • Developmental and Trauma healing

  • Games for connection, freedom, and self-love

  • Deepening human connection, intimacy, and communication

  • Educating the entire human being: emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally

  • Deepening creativity

  • Spirituality 

I love coaching individuals who are deeply interested in finding their own freedom, and willing to do the work.

I especially love working with college and high school students.

Please send speaking inquiries to Jodi Solomon Speakers.

Please send teaching, coaching, and facilitation inquiries to jefflieberman@gmail.com

"...he's one of the most human humans I've met. He brings that raw humanness into his facilitation, to create a space for deep connection, vulnerability and realness. Jeff's style is to support a safe and open space where we can push our edges and grow through that discomfort and challenge. And he'll lead by example all along.”

- Mikey Siegel, founder Consciousness Hacking


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